Resources for Math 1070:Numerical Analysis

Contents of this page:
I. Syllabus for Fall 2005.
II. Matlab Resources
III. Accessing MATLAB remotely
IV. Repositories of Scientific Software
V. How to run a FORTRAN Program
VI. FORTRAN Compilers
VII. A "Get Acquainted" program
VIII. Another intro program
IX. A FORTRAN program to solve IVP's for ODE's ADAPTIVELY
X. A Synopsis of "5-Statement FORTRAN"
XI. Migration from FORTRAN or C to MATLAB


This course in numerical mathematics is for students interested in solving
scientific and engineering problems on computers with a wide range of
up-to date numerical methods. The emphasis is on algorithms, the
mathematical ideas behind them and their use in obtaining numerical
solutions. Math 1070 considers essentially all numerical mathematics
except for numerical linear algebra. This important topic is treated in
Math 1080-Next Term!

Math 1070 12-12:50 MWF Ty627 CRN 10497

(mostly) Typed Lecture Notes,-I will bring a copy to class and put
one on reserve in the Mathematics Library(Ty401). Xerox a copy! We will
follow these.

Instructor: W. Layton, Ty 603,412-624-8312,
(math office:412-624-8375) email:

No previous expertise necessary! Programming assignments will
be given as regular homework for testing numerical methods. Accordingly, I
will just give you many of the needed programs. You will learn some
programming but IÕm not assuming you know it coming in! IÕll teach you
FORTRAN; you can use MATLAB; you can use C/C++ if you like.
You must debug your own programs.

Course Grade:= [Exam1+Exam2+Final Exam + HW Grade]/4
The scale is 90=100=A, 80-89=B, 70-79=C, 60-69=D 0-59=F.
Tentative Schedule: Exam 1 is on FRIDAY September 30, Exam 2 is on FRIDAY
November 4.
Read your PITT email for updates and modifications!

Make Up Exams-
will NOT be given. Notify me BEFORE the exam if you cannot
be there for a reason which is URGENT,NECESSARY and BEYOND YOUR CONTROL.