Numerical Linear Algebra!

Office Hours during the 1/2004-4/2004 term: MWF 10-10:40,
and by appointment.
Also, if I'm in, you are welcome to come by!!!

I. Course Syllabus.
II.Matlab Resources
III. Repositories of Scientific Software
IV. How to run a FORTRAN compiler at Pitt on UNIXS
V. Information on FORTRAN compilers for PC's
VI. Acessing Matlab remotely (courtesy of M. Sussman)
VII. A Synopsis of FORTRAN
VIII. Some of the assigned Homeworks.

I. Course Syllabus
Math 1080 11-11:50 MWF, CRN 27589

Note Room Change:
Monday and Friday: Thackery Hall 525
Wednesday: Public Health A216

Office Hours during the 1/2004-4/2004 term: MWF 10-10:40,
and by appointment.
Also, if I'm in, you are welcome to come by!!!

This course in NLA is for students interested in solving scientific and engineering problems which involve lots of data and more than one dimension. Basically, any such problem reduces eventually to one in numerical linear algebra.

Text: Lecture Notes in Numerical Linear Algebra, by W Layton,
We will work out a way to let everyone get a copy efficiently. It is presently about 170 pages. About 40 typed and the rest carefully handwritten. I hope that more will be typed as the course goes on. If so, I’ll distribute these in class.

Instructor: W. Layton, Ty 603,412-624-8312,
(math office:412-624-8375) email: wjl@pitt.edu.

Programming: NLA is a ‘hands on’/’skills’ topic. One important skill is the use of MATLAB to solve problems. Matlab is EASY! In the sophomore course , Math 0250, students are expected to learn it and use it without instruction (and they do-with success)!
Another skill is running and modifying another program in a lower level language.  I DON’T assume you know much about programming. I DO assume you can learn MATLAB on your own and that you are intelligent and can think algorithmically. I’ll teach one language in class; by the end you should feel pretty OK in modifying a working program in it.

Course Grade:= [Exam1+Exam2+Exam3+Final Exam + HW Grade]/4,
EXAM1 is: MONDAY 1/26/2004
EXAM2 is: WEDNESDAY 2/18/2004
EXAM3 is: WEDNESDAY 3/24/2004
NOTE new day for exam 3!!

letter grades will be converted to the standard scale  90=100=A, 80 89=B, 70-79=C, 60-69=D 0-59=F for averaging.

Make Up Exams- will NOT be given. Notify me BEFORE the exam if you cannot be there for a reason which is URGENT,NECESSARY and BEYOND YOUR CONTROL.

Other Books: Seeing something from different points of view can be useful. Here are some books can recommend (but only if you can find them CHEAP):
C. Cullen, An intro. to NLA, this used to be the textbook. It’s still an excellent book to read and have as a resource. (We are trying something different because it’s at a very high mathematical level nd because a more algorithmic treatment is useful.)
C. F van Loan, Intro. To Scientific Computing,excellent , about our level.
D Young and R Gregory,A survey of numerical math, vol I and II, good , higher level, older notation that some find difficult.
G Golub and C van Loan, Matrix Computation., A classic, higher level.
G Strang, Linear Algebra and its Applications, general linear algebra
G Strang, Intro to Applied Math., another interesting book of Strang that overlaps our course significantly.
D Luenberger, Optimization by vector space methods,
excellent treatment of CG methods and many topics we don’t cover
R Horn and R Johnson, Matrix Analysis, only matrix theory, excellent!
D Higham and N Higham, MATLAB guide  many like this book

2004 SPRING TERM (04-2)
16 Friday SPRING TERM add/drop period ends
19 Monday Dr. Martin Luther King's birthday observance (University closed)
January 26, MONDAY, EXAM1 -no make ups so be there!
February 18, WEDNESDAY, EXAM2- be there!
March 26, FRIDAY, EXAM3, no make ups!
March 5 Friday SPRING TERM DEADLINE for students to submit Monitored Withdrawal forms to dean's office
March 7-14, incl. Sunday-Sunday Spring Recess for students (no classes)
April 16 Friday SPRING TERM:
 Last day for undergraduate day classes, Absolutely no late homework or projects accepted after this date!
April 19-24, incl. Monday-Saturday Final Exams