Colloquium Schedule
Department of Mathematics
University of Pittsburgh

2008-2009 Academic Year

All talks are in Thackeray 704 at 4 pm unless noted otherwise. Refreshments are usually served at 3:30 pm in Thackeray 705. If you have any questions about a particular colloquium, please contact the person hosting the speaker. For general questions about colloquium schedule, please contact Catalin Trenchea (

 Spring 2009

Speaker and title
January 30
Vivette Girault, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris VI, Laboratoire Jacques-Louis Lions
Visiting Professor, University of Pittsburgh
Discretizations of a Darcy's model for incompressible flows with pressure dependent porosity. (abstract)
Ivan Yotov
February 13
Jeff Borggaard, Virginia Tech
Building Accurate Reduced-Order Models Over Parameter Ranges (abstract)
Catalin Trenchea
February 20
Qing Han, University of Notre Dame
Local Isometric Embedding of Surfaces in 3-dimensional Euclidean Spaces (abstract)
Reza Pakzad
February 27
Xiaoming Wang, Florida State University
Approximating Stationary Statistical Properties in Dissipative Chaotic Dynamical Systems (abstract)
Catalin Trenchea
March 13
Peter Nyikos, University of South Carolina
Paul Gartside
March 20
Edmund R. Michalik Distinguished Lecture in Mathematical Sciences
Tony F. Chan, Assistant Director, Directorate for Mathematics & Physical Sciences, National Science Foundation, Professor, Department of Mathematics, University of California, Los Angeles
Ivan Yotov
March 27
Steve Krantz, Washington University in St. Louis
Special colloquium in memory of Jacob Burbea (abstract)
Frank Beatrous
April 10
Mary F. Wheeler, University of Texas at Austin
Ivan Yotov
April 17
Michael Westdickenberg, Georgia Institute of Technology
Dehua Wang

 Fall 2008

Speaker and title
August 29
David Saunders, University of Waterloo,
Credit crises and risk contributions (abstract)
John Chadam
September 05
Bernd Kawohl, Mathematical Institute, University of Cologne,
Convex sets of constant width, or why geometry can be of vital importance. (abstract)
Juan Manfredi
September 12
Marshall Slemrod, University of Wisconsin-Madison
A Fluid Dynamic Formulation of the Isometric Embedding Problem in Differential Geometry (abstract)
Ivan Yotov
September 19-21
Constitutive Properties of Biomaterials
David Swigon and Anna Vainchtein
September 26
Mikhail Shashkov, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Moment-of-fluid interface reconstruction (abstract)
Ivan Yotov
October 03
Raz Kupferman, Institute of Mathematics, The Hebrew University
Non-Euclidean Plates (abstract)
Dehua Wang
October 10
Lai-Sang Young, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, NYU
Reliability of neural oscillator networks (abstract)
Brent Doiron
October 17
Richard Bradley, Indiana University, Bloomington
A strictly stationary, N-tuplewise independent counterexample to the central limit theorem (abstract)
Gregory Constantine
October 24
Nader Masmoudi, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, NYU
Boundary layers and Homogenization (abstract)
Dehua Wang
October 31
Thomas R. Bewley, Department of MAE, UC San Diego
A lattice-based approach to derivative-free optimization (abstract)
Catalin Trenchea
November 07
Antonio Ferriz, Departamento de Fisica Aplicada, Universidad de Vigo
Juan Manfredi
November 14
Vincent J. Ervin , Department of Mathematical Sciences, Clemson University
Coupled Generalized Nonlinear Stokes Flow with flow through a Porous Media (abstract)
William Layton
November 21
Fengbo Hang, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, NYU,
Some rigidity results for manifolds with boundary (abstract)
Dehua Wang
December 5
Tadeusz Iwaniec, Syracuse University
An invitation to n-harmonic hyperelasticity (abstract)
Piotr Hajlasz

John E. McCarthy, Washington University in St. Louis: "How to give a good colloquium"