Thomas Gilton

Visiting Assistant Professor
Department of Mathematics, University of Pittsburgh
Office : Thackery 622
Email : tdg25 (at) pitt (dot) edu


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Current Teaching

In the Fall of 2022 I will be teaching Math 1420, an Introduction to the Foundations of Mathematics.

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Undergraduate Mentoring

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I am married to the philosopher and historian of physics Marian J. R. Gilton , who is a professor in the department of History and Philosophy of Science . We have a daughter Zoe, who is a force of nature, and also unfathomably cute.

In addition to hanging out with the above two folks and doing math, I also love listening to music (jazz, classical, progressive rock, metal, funk, blues); playing music (guitar and Chapman Stick); cooking; reading (philosophy, math, languages, theology, parenting); animals, especially cats (we have two); painting miniatures (Warhammer 40k); and playing board games (Gloomhaven, Scythe, and Wingspan are our current favorites).