MATH2071 - Numerical Methods in Scientific Computing II

MATH 2071 is a graduate level introduction to Numerical Analysis that includes both lecture and laboratory sessions.

The instructor for this class is Professor William Layton He will present the lectures for the course.

I will be conducting the lab section of the class, from 4:20 to 5:35, Monday and Wednesday, in the computer lab GSCC 126. The topics and assignments for each lab are listed in the online schedule. Each lab assignment is due by the beginning of the following lab. Labs will be submitted via email and each submission will be confirmed by return email.

The labs are conducted using Matlab, a program produced by The MathWorks. The Matlab language is, in fact, an object-oriented programming language with an extensive library of mathematical and scientific function calls entirely built-in. A student version of Matlab is available for $99.00, and this version is not a crippled version. In addition, a copy of Matlab is available for students for about $10, but this license must be renewed each year.

The full set of manuals is on the web in html and also in Adobe PDF format. The "Getting Started" manual is a good place to begin. It is excellent, easy to read, provides a wonderful introduction, and is available both in html format and in Adobe PDF format. The full reference manual as well as manuals for each of the many toolboxes are all available.

There is a freely available program called Octave that is a restricted clone of Matlab. It provides only the core mathematical capabilities of Matlab, none of the toolboxes, but it is sufficient for this course. If you are interested in using it on your personal computer, see me.


You will be graded on the contents of a summary report describing your results for the exercises in the labs. This report can be in the form of a text file, with supplemental files for plots and source (Matlab m-files) when required. If you prefer, you can use a word processor to prepare the summary report. In addition to these files, I need your "diary" file. The summary report and accompanying files should not require a large investment in time.

I will grade each lab exercise either "A+", "A", or "B". At the end of the course, I will use these grades to provide a laboratory grade to Prof. Layton, who will use it for 30% of your overall grade. Omitted labs count as zero and will seriously impact your grade, so a late submission is greatly preferred over skipping a lab. Grades for labs submitted late will be decremented approximately 1% when the due date is passed and an additional 1% per week.

There is a series of exercises to be done in the lab:

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