Past Events


Industry Talk - April 9, 2009

John Bartels, a senior sofware architect at Immunetrics talked about mathematics in industry.

Post-Doc Panel - March 31, 2009

We hosted a Post-Doc Panel for all mathematics graduate students (pure and applied) considering applying for post-doc positions after obtaining their PhDs. Current post-docs and faculty hiring post-docs were on hand to discuss the application process, reasons for choosing a post-doc position, life as a post-doc, as well as other topcs.

Networking/Social Event - February 20, 2009

Catie Schwartz, a current employee at Lockheed Martin, joined us for an informal networking/social event at Fuel & Fuddle. This was an opportunity to talk with someone who is currently working in industry using mathematics and to get any questions about working for a defense contractor answered, as well as mingle with other members of Pitt's Chapter of SIAM.

MATLAB Workshop - January 31, 2009

We held a MATLAB Workshop with the theme Numerical Solutions of Partial Differential Equations. Mike Sussman led the workshop. His focus was on the issues involving a PDE numerically. The first step addressed in successfullly solving a PDE was implementation of MATLAB's stiff ODE solvers. From there, he introduced the proper formation of a mesh on a one-dimensional surface. With these fundamentals in place, he then demonstrated the process by which we solve the PDE with one dimension in space. Basic MATLAB familiarity was a prerequisite for the workshop and it was open to all graduate and upper-level undergraduate students in mathematics and applied mathematics fields.

Mathematical Contest in Modeling Workshop - January 13, 2009

Tracy Stepien, Chris Jones, and Callie Johnson joined Dr. Jonathan Rubin in presenting a workshop to prepare undergraduates for the 2009 COMAP Mathematical Contest in Modeling (MCM).

Talk - December 4, 2008

Cheng Ly gave a talk titled "Spike Train Statistics and Dynamics with Synaptic Input from any Renewal Process: A Population Density Approach."

Talk - November 20, 2008

Tracy Stepien gave a talk in conjunction with the Graduate Student Seminar titled "Tubuloglomerular Feedback-Mediated Dynamics in Three Coupled Nephrons."

Informational Meeting - October 23, 2008

We held our kick-off meeting where we explained all the benefits of joining SIAM and discussed our plans for the upcoming year.