LaTeX Workshop - Fall 2017

Mathematics Professor Paul Gartside will lead a 2-hour LaTeX on Saturday, November 4, 2017, from 10am-12pm in Posvar Hall room 1200A. Instructions on downloading LaTeX are given below. All necessary files for the workshop will also be listed below. If you do not have a LaTeX compiler installed on your computer the day of the workshop, you may use computers in the lab, or an online LaTeX editor such as Overleaf. Pizza and soft drinks will be provided afterwards.

Please let us know you are coming by filling out the google form.

Workshop Files:
LaTeX Workshop First Steps
LaTeX Workshop Next Steps
LaTeX Example
LaTeX Output Example
LaTeX Beamer Presentation Example
FTC Figure
FTC Text File

Basic Instructions for Installing LaTeX:

To install LaTeX for Microsoft Windows:

1. Download MiKTeX: Go to Select the MiKTeX 2.9.4503 Net Installer to download a complete LaTeX system. You may also choose the Basic Installer, which will automatically install missing packages provided you have internet connection. Accept the default installation settings for the user and directory.
2. Download Ghostscript:
3. Choose and download an editor: Texmaker (, Texstudio (, TeXworks (already included in MikTeX), WinEdt (

To install LaTeX for MAC:

Download MacTeX (

To install LaTeX for Unix/Linux:

Download TeX Live (

To install LaTeX specificially for Ubuntu:

Install the texlive compiler and the texmaker editor as follows. Enter your password as necessary after the "sudo" command. At a terminal, type
sudo apt-get install texlive-full
sudo apt-get install texmaker