Mathematics Colloquium

University of Pittsburgh, Academic Year 2013-2014

The Mathematics Department Colloquium meets weekly on Friday from 3:30--4:30 pm in Thackerey Hall, Room 704.
Refreshments are served from 3:00 pm in Room 705.

The colloquium committee consists of: Jason DeBlois, Catalin Trenchea, Anna Vainstein, Marta Lewicka (Chair,

Schedule for Spring 2014

Date Speaker and title
January 10 Professor William Minicozzi , MIT
Singularities in Mean Curvature Flow
Thursday, January 16
lecture at 3pm
refreshments at 2:30pm
Professor Haim Brezis , Rutgers, Technion, Paris VI
New approximations of the total variation and filters in Image Processing
January 17 Professor Michael Reed , Duke University
New Challenges for Mathematical Neuroscience
January 24 Professor Leon Glass , McGill University
Evolution and robustness in genetic networks
January 31 Professor Antoine Mellet , University of Maryland
Liquid droplets on a solid surface
February 7 Professor Alan Frieze , Carnegie Mellon University
Random Structures and Algorithms
February 14 Professor Peter Monk , University of Delaware
Time Domain Integral Equations for Computational Wave Propagation
February 21 Professor Ricardo Nochetto , University of Maryland
Discrete Total Variation Flows
February 28 Professor William Goldman , University of Maryland
3-Dimensional Affine Crystals
Wednesday, March 5
Special PDE Colloquium
lecture at 4:30pm
Professor Alain Miranville , University of Poitiers, France
Some equations with logarithmic nonlinear terms
March 7 Professor Peter Lindqvist , Norwegian University of Science and Technology
A non-linear eigenvaule problem
March 14 Spring Break
Monday, March 17
lecture at 4pm
reception follows
The Edmund R. Michalik Distinguished Lecture Series in the Mathematical Sciences
Professor John Ball , Oxford University
Defects in Materials and their Mathematical Description
March 21 Professor Thomas Saaty , Katz Graduate School of Business, University of Pittsburgh
The Analytic Hierarchy Process
March 28 Professor Ravi Vakil , Stanford University
Cutting and pasting in algebraic geometry
April 4 Professor Jeffrey F. Brock , Brown University
From `entopology' to morphology in hyperbolic geometry
April 11 Professor Fraydoun Rezakhanlou , Berkeley University
Coagulation, Gelation and Smoluchowski Equation
April 18 Professor Piotr Hajlasz , University of Pittsburgh
Geometric properties of the Heisenberg Groups

Schedule for Fall 2013

Date Speaker and title
September 6 Professor Daniel Knopf , University of Texas at Austin
Type-II singularities of Ricci flow
September 13 Professor Jean-Francois Lafont , Ohio State University
Simplicial volume and its applications
September 20 Professor Askold Khovanskii , University of Toronto
Universal Grobner basis and toric geometry
September 27 Professor Eliot Fried , McGill University
Stability of high-density lipoprotein particles
October 4 Professor Ivan Yotov , University of Pittsburgh
Multiscale stochastic modeling of coupled Stokes-Darcy flows
October 11 Professor James Keener , University of Utah
The Mathematics of Life - Decisions, Decisions
October 18 Professor Clint Dawson , University of Texas at Austin
Long and short waves in shallow water
October 25 Professor Gigliola Staffilani , MIT
Recent developments on certain dispersive equations as infinite dimensional Hamiltonian systems
November 1 Professor Eric Van Vleck , University of Kansas
Traveling Waves Under Discretization
November 8 Professor John Hunter , UC Davis
Spatial and Spectral Viewpoints on Nonlinear Waves
November 15 Professor Bruce Kleiner , NYU Courant Institute
Mean curvature flow
November 22 Professor Gieri Simonett , Vanderbilt University
Moving surfaces in phase transitions
November 29 Thanksgiving Break
Tuesday, December 3
lecture at 3pm
refreshments at 2:30pm
Professor Anna Vainchtein , University of Pittsburgh
The discrete charm of nonlinearity: kinetics of lattice phase transitions

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