Colloquium Schedule
Department of Mathematics
University of Pittsburgh

2010-2011 Academic Year

All talks are in Thackeray 704 at 4 pm unless noted otherwise. Refreshments are usually served at 3:30 pm in Thackeray 705. If you have any questions about a particular colloquium, please contact the person hosting the speaker. For general questions about colloquium schedule, please contact Huiqiang Jiang (

 Fall 2010

Speaker and title
September 10
Carson Chow, National Institute of Health
The dynamics of large networks of coupled oscillators (abstract)
Ivan Yotov
September 17
Wei-Ming Ni, University of Minnesota
Diffusion in Heterogeneous Environment (abstract)
Huiqiang Jiang
September 24
Giovanni P. Galdi, University of Pittsburgh
2D Steady-State Navier-Stokes Flow Past a Cylinder: A Longstanding Open Problem (abstract)
Catalin Trenchea
October 1
David Ambrose, Drexel University
Free Surface Problems in Fluid Dynamics(abstract)
Giovanni P. Galdi
October 8
Bogdan Ion, University of Pittsburgh
The Hopf-Poincare-Birkhoff-Witt Theorem (abstract)
Ivan Yotov
October 15
David Swigon, University of Pittsburgh
Stability and buckled states in continuum and discrete elastic rod models for DNA(abstract)
David Swigon
October 22
Kiumars Kaveh, University of Pittsburgh
Algebraic equations on groups(abstract)
Huiqiang Jiang
October 29
Robert Pego, Carnegie Mellon University
Linear stability of Scott Russell's solitary water wave (abstract)
Dehua Wang
November 5
Ming Mei, McGill University
Large Time Behavior of Solutions to n-Dimensional Bipolar Hydrodynamic Euler-Poisson System for Semiconductors (abstract)
Dehua Wang
November 12
Changyou Wang, University of Kentucky
On nematic liquid crystal flows in dimension two (abstract)
Dehua Wang
November 19
Xiantao Li, Penn State University
Reduction of molecular models for solids (abstract)
Anna Vainchtein
December 3
Xinfu Chen, University of Pittsburgh
Principal eigenvalue and eigenfunction of an elliptic operator with large advection and its application to a competition model (abstract)
Huiqiang Jiang

 Spring 2011

Speaker and title
January 6
Ting Wang , University Of Michigan
Maximizing The Utility Of Consumption With Reversible Annuities(abstract)
Ivan Yotov
January 7
Ricardo Alonso , Rice University
A Kinetic Approach To Granular Materials(abstract)
Ivan Yotov
January 11
Mathew Johnson , Indiana University
Nonlinear Modulational Stability Of Periodic & Traveling Waves In Viscous Balance Or Conservation Laws(abstract)
Ivan Yotov
January 13
John Burke , Boston University
An Overview Of Localized Pattern Formation & Homoclinic Snaking(abstract)
Ivan Yotov
January 14
Robin Ming Chen , University of Minnesota
Global Existence & Wave-Breaking Of Shallow Water Waves(abstract)
Ivan Yotov
January 18
William Wylie , University Of Pennsylvania
Ricci Solitons & Warped Product Einstein Metrics(abstract)
Ivan Yotov
January 20
Vladislav Kargin , Stanford University
Eigenvalues Of The Sum Of Random Hermitian Matrices(abstract)
Ivan Yotov
January 21
Marta Lewicka , Rutgers University
Metric-Induced Shape Formation In Thin Elastic Films(abstract)
Ivan Yotov
January 25
Leo Butler , The University Of Edinburgh
A Weak Liouville-Arnold Theorem(abstract)
Ivan Yotov
January 28
Xiangdong Xie , Georgia Southern University
Large Scale Geometry Of Some Negatively Curved Homogeneous Manifolds(abstract)
Ivan Yotov
February 1
Bartlomiej Studeja , University of Illinois
Probabilistic Approach To Heat Kernels & Their Applications To Spectral Theory(abstract)
Ivan Yotov
February 2
Hisham Sati , University Of Maryland
Geometric Structures In High Energy Physics(abstract)
Ivan Yotov
February 3
Qinghua Li , Columbia University
Optimal Stopping Of A Diffusion With A Change Point(abstract)
Ivan Yotov
February 4
Song Yao , University of Michigan
Optimal Stopping For Dynamic Convex Risk Measures(abstract)
Ivan Yotov
February 11
Hailiang Liu , Iowa State University
The Cauchy-Dirichlet Problem For The Fene Dumbbell Model Of Polymeric Flows(abstract)
Marshall Slemrod
February 18
Yuanwei Qi , University of Central Florida
Global Dynamics and Traveling Fronts of Reaction-diffusion System Arising from Auto-Catalysis (abstract)
Xinfu Chen
February 25
Deane Yang, Polytechnic Institute of New York University
Optimal Sobolev Norms And The L^P Minkowski Problem (abstract)
Dehua Wang
March 4
Rodica Curtu , University of Iowa
Selection Of Mixed-Mode Oscillations In A Neural Model - An Intricate Dynamics Induced By Canard And Singular Hopf Mechanisms (abstract)
Paul Gartside
March 11
Spring Break
Spring Break
March 18
Luca Capogna , University of Arkansas
San Aronsson Type Approach To Extremal Quasiconformal Mappings (abstract)
Piotr Hajlasz
March 29
Daoyuan Fang , John Hopkins University and Zhejiang University
Global existence in critical spaces for incompressible viscoelastic fluids (abstract)
Dehua Wang
April 1
Lia Bronsard , McMaster University
Vortices In Ginzburg-Landau Models (abstract)
Anna Vainchtein
April 8
Barry Turett , Oakland University in Michigan
Weak Grothendieck Compactness Principles (abstract)
Christopher Lennard
April 15
Andrea Cianchi, University Of Florence
Perimeter And Capacity In Sobolev Inequalities And Elliptic PDE'S (abstract)
Piotr Hajlasz
April 22
Joel Smoller , University of Michigan
Gravitation (abstract)
Dehua Wang

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