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Complex Biological Systems Group
University of Pittsburgh
Department of Mathematics
301 Thackeray Hall
Pittsburgh, PA 15260
Tel: (412) 624-6157
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Seminars 2011-2012

RTG Research Seminar

Meets either Tuesday or Thursday (TBA weekly) at 12:00 PM in Thackeray Hall Rm 703.


  • September 6: Stefanos Folias, 'New patterns of activity in a pair of E-I neural fields'
  • September 13: Cheng Ly, 'Cellular and circuit mechanims maintain low co-variability and enhance whisker velocity codes'
  • September 20: Sarah Lukens, 'Linking population-level and host-level models of Influenza A virus'
  • September 27: Ashok Kumar, 'Slow dynamics and high variability in balanced networks with clustered'
  • October 4: Jared Barber, 'Models of Inflammation in the Lung'
  • October 18: Zach Kilpatrick, 'Effect of persistent and transient stimuli on spatiotemporal dynamics of neural fields'
  • October 25: Robert Rosenbaum, 'The transfer and propagation of correlated neuronal activity'
  • November 1: Tracy Stepien, 'Stretch-dependent proliferation in a one-dimensional elastic continuum model of cell layer migration'
  • November 8: Lucy Spardy, 'Investigating interactions between spinal cord networks in scratching and swimming'
  • November 15: Glenn Young, 'Modeling self-sacrificing bacteria'
  • November 22: Abby Snyder, 'Modeling scratch rhythm in turtles'
  • November 29: Shelby Stanhope, 'Posterior Distributions in Parameter Estimation'
  • December 6: Jeremy Harris, (food: Stefanos)

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