Doiron Theoretical Neuroscience Group

Prince Edward Island, Canada


Cellular and Synaptic Dynamics


Network Dynamics and Neural Coding


Cognitive Processing


Many higher order brain regions are responsible for basic cognitive processes, yet how the mechanics of neural circuits support cognition is often a mystery. We employ a combination of modeling and data analysis to better link brain activity to behavior. We have focused our efforts on cortical networks that are involved in working memory, are subjected to attentional modulation, or involved in simple decision making tasks. This is a recent trajectory for the group and we are excited to learn and share ideas with others. Representative publications Z.P. Kilpatrick, B. Ermentrout & B. Doiron Optimizing working memory with heterogeneity of recurrent cortical excitation. Journal of Neuroscience, 33: 18999-19011, 2013. A. Polk, A. Litwin-Kumar & B. Doiron. Correlated neural variability in persistent state networks. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 109, 6295-6300, 2012