Doiron Theoretical Neuroscience Group

Prince Edward Island, Canada


Cellular and Synaptic Dynamics


Network Dynamics and Neural Coding


Cognitive Processing


The basic building blocks of the nervous system are single neurons and the synapses that connect them. Their intrinsic dynamics are inherently nonlinear and has a distinct stochastic flavor, a combination that makes deciphering their function particularly challenging. We use modern techniques from nonlinear systems theory and non-equilibrium statistical mechanics to derive and study models of single neurons, pairs of neurons, as well as the synaptic inputs that drive them. We are particularly interested in how short term synaptic plasticity and intrinsic ionic currents shape the transfer of variability by single or pairs of neurons. Representative publications B. Doiron, A. Litwin-Kumar, R. Rosenbaum, G. Ocker & K. Josic. The mechanics of state dependent neural correlations. Nature Neuroscience 19, 383-393, 2016. G.K. Ocker & B. Doiron. Kv7 Channels Regulate Pairwise Spiking Covariability in Health and Disease. Journal of Neurophysiology, 112: 340–352, 2014. R. Rosenbaum, J.E. Rubin & B. Doiron. Short term synaptic depression imposes a frequency dependent filter on synaptic information transfer. PLoS Computational Biology, 8, e1002557, 2012 J. de la Rocha*, B. Doiron*, E. Shea-Brown, K. Josic & A.D. Reyes. Correlation between neural spike trains increase with firing rate. Nature. 448: 802-806, 2007, *co-first authors.