How to install on Windows

  1. If you don't already have an X-server, download and install this one. It is very easy to install and run!
  2. Download the latest xppwin installation
  3. is a zipped file. Unzip it in the C:\ drive. Don't stick it in Programs or anywhere else unless you want to screw with the batch file. Unzipping it as recommended will produce a new directory called C:\xppall.
  4. Open this folder and make a shortcut to the Desktop of the file xpp.bat
  5. It is now installed

How to run on Windows

  1. Start your X-server
  2. To use an existing file:
    1. Open the xppall folder on your C-drive
    2. Open the ode folder. There will be many examples
    3. With your mouse pick up, say, lecar.ode and drop it into the xpp.bat file on your Desktop. XPP should fire up with this ODE
  3. To write your own:
    1. Open Notepad or something
    2. Type in an ODE.
    3. Save it as test.ode in the xppall/ode folder or anywhere else
    4. Drag and drop it into xpp.bat