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Calcium dependent potassium

Since this is responsible for adaptation and for many types of bursting dynamics, I want to describe the calcium dependent potassium. There are a number of models for this. The simplest are of the form:

I_{K(Ca)} = \bar{g} m^p (V-E_K)\end{displaymath}


\frac{dm}{dt}=\alpha_m([Ca])(1-m)-\beta m\end{displaymath}


\alpha_m([Ca]) = \alpha [Ca]^n_{in}. \end{displaymath}

McCormick et al use n=2 and $\alpha=48 ms^{-1}/mM^2$ and $\beta=0.03

I will make a very general model which incorporates most of the currents that are of interest.

G. Bard Ermentrout