Quick start

  1. Download xppwin.zip
  2. Unzip it in the c:\ directory
  3. Start a command prompt
  4. Start your X-server (If you dont have one, see here to get a full blown one. Or see below!)
  5. In the command window, cd to \xppall\ode
  6. Type "..\xpp.bat lecar.ode" and XPP should fire up!
  7. edit your own files and run them from the xppall directory.
  8. If you use the WeirdX server, you need to edit the xpp.bat file, to set the display. Make the display line read:

    set DISPLAY=

WeirdX installation

WeirdX is a Java-based X11 Server! It is written by JCRAFT . I have put together a small package to use with XPP which contains WeirdX and a small window manager. Down load lx.zip , unzip it in C:\ and read the README-x file.