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Analysis of Neural Excitability and Oscillations

Department of Mathematics
University of Pittsburgh


Mathematical Research Branch, NIDDK
National Institutes of Health

This is an active Web page and allows you to do many of the simulations that were used in the chapter. Many figures in the document reference an ODE file for the software program XPP which is a freely distributable ODE solver. You must set up your mailcap and mimetype files according to the directions in the tutorial for XPP. For each figure, explore the differential equation, change intial conditions, parameters, etc. Look at different variables as a function of time. I will try to give some hints occasionally. REMEMBER to exit XPP after each exercise! Choose (File) (Quit) (Yes).


Older versions of XPP do not understand some aspects of the files used in this tutorial; in particular, it does not know how to set internal options. Really old versions will not work at all. But for those that do not read internal options, here are the internal parameters used in each of the figures. (These internal parameters include the time step, the total amount of time, etc.) Use this info to manually set them.

Bard Ermentrout
Mon Jul 29 17:47:46 EDT 1996