Voltage clamp

XPP is a software program designed to solve systems of differential equations. Up to 300 ODEs can be solved at one time. We will learn how to change numerical options, parameters, and initial data. We will also learn how to create hard copy. You can either run this little exercise (i) from within Netscape (if you have set things up correctly); (ii) from a terminal reading along; or (iii) with the hardcopy version of this.
If Netscape is hard to read, you can change the font under the Options, General Preferences, Fonts menu. Change to size 14 or 18 (if you are like me!)

The basic unit for XPP is a file called an ode file that tells XPP the parameter and variable names and other named things. These files are editable ascii files. Use your favorite editor! For class, however, I will give you most of the files so you won't have to learn an editor. However, there will be occasions in which you will have to put in your own equations. It is then advisable to learn a bit about the input files.