XPP on Windows & Macs


  1. Download an X server.
  2. Download the windows binary, xppwin.zip . Unzip it in C:. It will create a folder C:\xppall and this is where it sticks the binary and sample files and doc.
  3. Start your Xserver. If you are using the rootless one, then basically ignore all the prompts that show up!
  4. Start a command prompt - you know, the ugly DOS window. Change directories to C:\xppall\ode. Type "..\xpp lorenz.ode" to fire up the Lorenz attractor just to see if it all works. If not, then you did something wrong. Oh well....


  1. Get XFREE 86 for Mac OSX
  2. Start the X server with the option that all terminal windows are X aware.
  3. Download the OSX binary xpposx.tgz . Make a folder, xpp. Copy the file to this folder. Uncompress it in the folder, "tar zxvf xpposx.tgz"
  4. change to the ode directory. Type "../xppaut lorenz.ode" to test it. If it doesnt work, type this first: "setenv DISPLAY" and try again.