Spike triggered average (STA) of the HH model

The file revcor.tgz contains 5 files; three are specific to XPP and two are general files. Uncompress and untar these in a directory to get them. (Winzip will work in Windows).

The files are

  1. hhtimes.dat - the firing times of 129 spikes from the a neural mode;
  2. 4secnoise.dat - the stimulus in .05 msec increments;
  3. hht4.tab - firing times in XPPAUT table
  4. froz4.tab - stimulus in XPP table
  5. revcor4.ode - XPP file for computing STA

You can use the first two files to compute the STA with MATLAB; I don't know how to do this, but basically you just average the spike-time shifted stimulus over the 129 firing times. Here is how to do it in XPP:

How to compute the STA using XPP

  1. Type xpp revcor4.ode
  2. Click nUmerics stocHastic Compute and fill in the dialog as follows and click Ok
  3. Click stocHastic Mean which will average all 128 runs
  4. Click Esc to return to the main menu
  5. Click Xivst followed by Enter
  6. Voila! The spike triggered average.