Homework #1

  1. Simulate a 10 second spike train assuming a Poisson process with a rate of 50 Hz. Draw the interspike interval histogram. Compute the the coefficient of variation. Simulate the same process for 1 second for 200 different trials and compute the Fano factor
  2. Repeat the above exercise assuming that when a neuron spikes the spike rate goes to zero and recovers to 50 Hz with a time constant of 10 msec. Compute the CV and the Fano factor in this case. How do you expect the CV and the Fano factor to depend on the time constant of recovery?
  3. Simulate 30 seconds of a Poisson process whose rate is sinusoidal with a period of 200 msec.

    r(t) = 20 Hz + 25 cos(10 pi t)

    Compute the spike-time autocorrelation function. Here is mine