Mathematical Biology 3380

Spring 2017

MW 2:00-3:15 PM

Thackeray Hall 525

Bard Ermentrout

Some references



Syllabus (gradually evolving....)

  • Lecture 1
  • Some videos (more will be added)
  • Homework 1, due in 2 weeks Below are som\ e matlab and XPP files
  • Lectures 2-4 or so
  • Lecture for Monday Jan 30
  • Liapunov exponent calculations
  • Link to chapter 8 of my text book. Phase models We will be studying this over the next several weeks.
  • Here are my notes on the Ott-Antonsen applied to the Kuramot model
  • Here is a longish HW assignment and XPP code to do the big 400 neuron simulation and the 3 variable simplified version using OA

    Part II Pattern formation

  • You have already seen some examples of this in the analysis of synchronization onset in the Kuramoto model