Computational hint for the cell cycle problem

XPP allows you to compute the times between events as well as spewing output only when the events occur. I have modified the cell cycle file that is used for the homework to exploit this. Here is the new file .

The differences are

  1. I set total time longer
  2. I set DT smaller
  3. I turned on the Poincare Section feature to detect when cyclinB hits .105 (not eaxctly .1 since it is confounded by the halving of the mass.) I have told XPP to also only print out the valuse of all quantities at this point and also to plot the time differences between these events.
  4. If you run this file, then the Data Browser will have only a few numbers; in particular, the times when cycB above 0.1 and below which are the G1 and S-G1-M lengths and the mass right before division
Try running this file for the mutants since the times and masses can be directly read off.