Ordinary Differential Equations

Fall 2014

Bard Ermentrout


MWF: 1:00 -1:50 PM; 230 CL

Instructor: Bard Ermentrout

Grading Policy

All homework is due the week following the assignment. Grades will be based on:

The book is Elementary Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems The authors are Boyce and DiPrima

Please note This is the tenth edition! (It seems to differ little from earlier editions, so you are probably safe with them. I have the 9th as well so I can help you align the exercises)


Some of the exercises will require you to use a computer to create pictures. There are several ways to do this. Some of you are probably familiar with MatLab which has something called PPLANE which will be helpful. I wrote a software package XPPAUT for solving and graphing differential equations. This runs on all PCs and also runs on iOS devices (sorry, no Android). You can get this at This site . I can help you get it on your computer as it requires a small amount of effort