Math 0250 Syllabus - Section D


About the course

This is a course in matrices and differential equations for science and engineering students. You should have completed a two term calculus sequence before taking this course.


The text is Differential Equations, a Systems Approach, by Goldberg and Potter.

Web Site

Some supporting material for the course will be placed at the course web site,


Twice a week you will meet with your TA to go over problems related to the material covered the previous week. Most weeks, a brief quiz will be given during one recitation.


Each week, suggested practice problems will be assigned. Quizzes and exams will be modeled on these problems. You do not have to hand in homeworks problems.

Computer Usage

Some of your assignments will require the use of computing tools. The preferred software for this course is Matlab, which is available on the Pitt unixs system ( and on the NT systems in the public computing labs. Some reference material on Matlab is available on the web page for this course.


Your course grade will be determined as follows:

Exam Dates

See the class schedule for the dates of the two midterm exams.


In addition to the textbook, you will need at least a scientific calculator. Any calculator with logarithms, exponentials, and trigonometric functions will do. Programmability is desirable but not essential. A graphing calculator, such as the TI82 or TI85, is better still.

Extra notes for class

The notes on bases are available from Copy Cat under the course name or you can get them as a web page , postscript , or, acrobat pdf format.

Computer Accounts

For access to the computer resources you will need for this class, you must have a Network Authorization Account from Computing and Information Services (CIS). If you don't already have one, take your validated Pitt ID to one of the following computing labs: Go to the consultant's desk in the lab and ask for a USC Network Authorization Account. You should do this as soon as possible.