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Education: Ph.D. 1998, Cornell University

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Research Interests: I am generally interested in mathematical modeling and analysis of nonlinear phenomena in materials science, physics and biology. Examples include dynamics of phase boundaries, cracks and dislocations in crystals, hysteresis in phase-transforming materials, solitary and heteroclinic traveling waves in nonlinear lattices and DNA overstretching. The resulting mathematical problems typically involve minimization of nonconvex functionals, nonlinear PDEs that change type, dynamical systems with many degrees of freedom and functional differential equations. Thus nonstandard analytical and numerical techniques are required.


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Currently teaching (Fall 2018)

Honors Linear Algebra (MATH 1185)
Analytical Geometry and Calculus II (MATH 0230)

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2018 High School Integration Bee

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2013 Pitt Integration Bee

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