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Paul Gartside
PhD, University of Oxford
Assistant Professor
Analytic topology, function spaces, hyperspaces, topological groups.

Thackeray 508.     Tel: 412-624-7761

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My research interests lie in Analytic topology. In particular spaces of `higher order' objects. For example spaces of functions, spaces of subsets (hyperspaces) and spaces of substructures (all closed subgroups of a profinite group, or all subfields of a field). A related interest is topological groups, especially automorphism groups of structures (Galois groups of infinite field extensions, autohomeomorphism groups etc).
Three recent publications:
  • P.M. Gartside and E. Reznichenko, Near Metric Properties of Function Spaces, Fund. Math. 164 (2000), 97-114
  • P.M. Gartside, O. Sipacheva and E. Reznichenko, Maltsev and Retral Spaces, Top. Appl., 80 (1997), 115-129
  • P.M. Gartside and R. Knight, Existence and Ubiquity of Free Subgroups, to appear in Proc. LMS.
Graduate students:     Andrew Marsh and Bojana Pejic.
I welcome interest in undergraduate and graduate research:
  During Summer 2001 Rolf Suabedissen explored the Symmetries of 3D Space. Over Fall and Spring 2001-02 Jasun Gong and Rupert Venzke investigated the Geometry and Topology of Newton's Method. Kim Kelley of Westinghouse High School researched the Topology of Borromean Rings and Brunnian Links. Kim won a first prize and a $4000 studentship for this project.

The Topology Atlas is a good place to find out more about topology.

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