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Department of Mathematics

Jason Fulman
PhD, Harvard University
Assistant Professor
Algebraic combinatorics, probability

Thackeray 514.     Tel: 412-624-2314

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My main research interests are algebraic combinatorics and probability, more precisely random matrix theory and the mathematics of shuffling.
Three recent publications:
  • J. Fulman and R. Guralnick, Derangements in simple and primitive groups, to appear in Durham 2001 Conference on Groups, Geometry, and Combinatorics
  • J. Fulman, Random matrix theory over finite fields, Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society, Volume 39, Number 1, pages 51-85, 2002.
  • J. Fulman, Applications of the Brauer complex: card shuffling, permutation statistics, and dynamical systems, Journal of Algebra 243, pages 96-122, 2001.


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